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In this workshop, fashion will be practiced as a confidence and self-esteem booster as well as helping women find attire that promotes their public image and personality. We will explore tools and techniques to mix and match,  using one outfit to create three bold fresh new looks!


Participants will gain fashion awareness, allowing them to enhance their clothing options and become creative while utilizing accessories. We will cover Do’s & Don'ts, fashion faux pas, and fixable mistakes with fashionable solutions.

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Not sure what the right attire is anymore? Could your team or staff use a confidence booster? Have they lost sight of the dress code? Contact us about a wardrobe workshop. 


Is your group or club looking for a new group discussion, or you could all use your confidence re-energized? Why not do it with a wardrobe confidence booster workshop?

Non-Profit Organizations

We would love to visit your Boy's & Girl's Club, or YMCA and lift up  young women's confidence and self-esteem. Invite us in to help them feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

Can the women in your church use a self-esteem and confidence booster? Invite us in to do a workshop or to your next women's retreat. We'd love to help!


Children are the future and we want them the be the best that they can possibly be. To be your best, you need confidence and self-esteem. You need to know who you are. Let us teach them about the beauty within and how to display that beauty on the outside.


We will show them polished, professional outfits to prepare for the workplace. You will be amazed at how using fashion as an enhancer can boost confidence and self-esteem!


Having a girls get together and need your confidence and self-esteem boosted to go along with the R&R? Invite us to your party. We will engage in "style talk", fun and games, all while building confidence.

You have a sweet sixteen coming up, a theme party etc. and want to try something new? How about a fashion party that builds confidence and self-esteem all while looking fabulous? Let us be your party entertainment

Book A Workshop Today!

Not local, but interested in working with us? We offer Virtual Workshops! 

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