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Our Clients Say ...

"Dress Me Up Diva hooked me up you guys, I needed some new purses to change my look! She shopped on my budget with my taste in mind and Baam!!! Thank you DMUD!"

-Luisa B

"I have been able to exceed my goals in a short amount of time. If you are ready for some hard work and sacrifices to make changes in your finances, for the short and long term; then I recommend Chantay without hesitation."


"I understand it’s hard to believe that there is a woman in the world that hates to shop. Well, I’m living proof that that anomaly exists. This is the reason I reached out to Dress Me Up Diva. Mrs. Horne not only takes time to know her clients externally and internally but also spiritually. She is sensitive to ensure that you are comfortable in your skin but also shepherds you to see yourself in a way you never imagined. Her heart isn’t about the clothes but how she impacts the woman. So, if you have a special event or want to reinvent yourself, Dress Me Up Diva is a one-stop-shop and an opportunity not to be missed. Outfit, shoes or accessories, she is gifted, affordable and an overall blessing."

-Tamisha A

"I am a high school junior and a pair of jeans and sneaker girl, afraid of color. However, I had a significant event that required formal wear and business casual attire. I was stressing and so was my mom and we quickly realized we needed help. Dress Me Up Diva to the rescue!


Mrs. Chantay was incredible. She personally took me shopping, as well as delivering items to my home to consider and try on. She listened to my likes and dislikes, but her personality and encouragement allowed me to consider items I would not have ordinarily. Needless to say, I was best dressed at the event and my experience with Mrs. Chantay was incredible. It wasn’t just about the job, but she encouraged me as a person. Dress Me Up Diva is a worthwhile investment."

-Jordan A

"Got that monkey off my back!!  I'm well on my way to FINALLY being debt free!!  And what perfect timing, too, to take advantage of Chantay's sessions; widespread inflation and a possible recession means that every dollar earned is critical.  If the debts I had at the end of last year (2021) were still around, I'd have way less money to live off of.  Had it not been for Ms. Horne nudging me in the right direction, I would have had to seriously consider getting a second job or a roommate because my bills were so high.  Trust me, neither of these options excited me.   


Chantay instilled a sense of financial discipline; her sessions resemble a type of fiscal bootcamp.  I had to own up to and explain why I deviated from my budget or why an unexpected (and largely unnecessary) purchase had been made.  Although she didn't actually come out and say it, over time, she helped me to realize that my spending habits resulted from either stress or trying to compensate for what I didn't have while growing up.  I know, DEEP, right?!?!?  Chantay will definitely TAKE IT THERE in an effort to uncover why we spend our money in the manner in which we do.  At first it felt embarrassing and uncomfortable to discuss the mental gymnastics I performed when spending money and using credit, but she's heard and seen it all.  Ms. Horne has 20+ years in the banking industry, so she's seen numerous times how women drive themselves into debt.  What's more, Chantay has the personal experience to match the advice she gives.  She's the wise, financial auntie I never had.  


Like me, you're probably hesitant because of the price of the sessions.  Looking back, I would actually have to say Chantay's sessions are WORTH MORE than what's listed!!  If I didn't sign up, I would have paid more than her sessions in interest on credit cards and loans trying to figure it out on my own.  Like most folks, I've been so-called trying to reduce my debts for YEARS.  I wish I had come across that Globe article featuring Ms. Horne's name sooner!!  If I didn't reach out to her, I definitely would have taken out another debt consolidation loan, paying thousands in interest.  Under Chantay's guidance, I was instead able to do it MYSELF for much cheaper and instill confidence in my own abilities to navigate my own financial freedom.  While Ms. Horne and I didn't always agree on the proper path, she allowed me to forge my own way and provided invaluable pointers along the way.  She made my fabulous success MY OWN!!!  


Chantay Horne has a real passion for seeing women succeed.  Compared to other debt consolidation strategies, you have nothing to lose by reaching out to her!!!  I'm thrilled with the results and am on my way to having my money WORK FOR ME, instead of me working to pay down exorbitant amounts of debt."


Thank you


"Dress Me Up diva is a 1st class business. I have had the pleasure of working with a Consultant on a few occasions. One occasion: I received a printed skirt as a gift. For me, it was hard to coordinate pieces to go with the skirt. I reached out to Dress Me Up Diva! The consultation exceeded my expectations! I can be very picky!


They were patient, they listened and really went out of there way to make sure of exactly what my needs were and what I liked and what I did not like. They coordinated a beautiful outfit that went from work to an after hour event! From one garment they put together 2 complete outfits with 2 blouses, shoes and all the accessories. Which included necklaces, bracelets and earrings and more! All within my budget! I would highly recommend Dress Me Up Diva! I look forward to working with them for my future needs!"

-Lasonya H

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